Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh God of All Creation

The National Anthem is certainly the one thing that all Kenyans agree with. It does outlines the values and principles as well as the desire country that every Kenyan would love to live in - a country of justice, plenty, liberty just to name but a few. But it concerns me that that the daily life of Kenyans as portrayed in various media and interactions seems to be devoid of this values, principles and vision that are contained in Our National Anthem.

This blog will focus on an exposition of the anthem line by line with an intent to arouse, remind and revive our individual conscience as to what is required of us in making Kenya what it ought to be i.e. The Light of Africa and the center of world class development in the southern hemisphere. Kenya Vision 2030 terms this as "A globally Competitive and Prosperous Country with a High quality of life" (GoK, 2007)

"Oh God Of All Creation"

This is the first line of our national anthem. It ascribes to The God of who made and sustains all creation. At His word all that is was made and at His very word it can all be destroyed. Psalms 24: 1-2 reminds us that The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; 2 for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters. Indeed God is the one who created and sustain Kenya. He not only created the earth and all in it but also created human beings to take care of it. But we have not always been faithful for we have many at times destroyed the natural creation. If this was not the case there would be no debate about global warming and all its attendant effects on climate change.

In Kenya we are alive to the reality that unless we individually and collectively do something about our environment then we will have little to live on in the coming years. Our children will read and see pictures of forests that were the desert they live in. They will see pictures of elephants, snow capped Mt. Kenya, Flamingo filled Lake Elementaita and Lake Nakuru. They will read and hear about the big five animals that Kenya was once famous of. And all this they will as they drink water from Tanzania, Use Electricity from Uganda, Eat Cereals from Europe and Drive cars from Asia. And because Kenya will be too broke to afford anything- they will doing all this using loans from other countries.

Creation cries for care and support to continue to produce that which it is designed to produce. Gods gift to us is the creation in all its beauty; Our gift to Him is care with integrity of this creation. God has given Kenya all it needs to be all He intended of it. Think of all the animals, parks, rivers, mountains, minerals. Above this think of all the Kenyans within and out of the country and the exploits they do. In His wisdom He has put us in this country for such a time as this. I am convinced that you and I are the right people, for the right job and at this very right place. WE are the people who can change this country for good. The Japanese have built their Japan, Germans have built their Germany, Americans have built their America among others and so must Kenyans build their Kenya

What then does The God of all Creation desire of us in this circumstance where the country needs true leadership and direction into a path of prosperity based on social, political, cultural and economic integrity. When the Israelites had become rebellious and were living for themselves ignoring Gods call, He sent them Prophet Micah who informed them that God required three things;

a. To act justly - advancing fairness to all Kenyans. To reward merit and punish the wrong.
b. To love mercy - This means treating those who need help with a sense of kindness and love. This is true because we will not all be on the same level and asThe Late John F. Kennedy rightly observed " A country cannot protect the few who are rich unless it helps the majority who are poor"
c. To walk humbly with your God - Humility is being and doing all you are supposed to do without boasting about it. Its being yourself with a sense of contentment as you seek to achive greater good.

Lets work with all we are in making Kenya a coveted destiny and give all honour to the God of all creation and then we shall be assured of his blessings. Check out the next post on Bless This our Land and Nation.

In Service to God and Country



  1. Wow, i couldn't agree more particulraly on the last portion outlining the particularly practical steps that we all need to undertake. Keep it up my bro because you are on the rigt track. This Kenya will be build by Kenyans. All we need is to direct our negatove energies to avenues like this.
    God bless

  2. I think this post is brilliant. The invocation of God's word in light of our current situation and our aspirations is what's been lacking, the shift in direction that this country needs.
    i look forward to being pretty active on this forum. Thanks ARMS!

  3. Thanks guys. This is very encouraging. I will keep up in this ministry.



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