Thursday, March 4, 2010

Righteousness, Justice & Integrity

My Country Kenya is at a critical time of constituting a republic that will uphold the rights of its citizen. Some have observed that it is Kenya's best Constitutive Moment. There are many proposals of what needs to be done to make a Kenya a country that is peaceful, united and where love for all is evident.

But what really is the way forward? Whereas one can view the problem of Kenya as one of the hardware (System of government), I think that the problem is software related (the people in the system). The heart of the problem, is the problem of the heart. In saying so, I contend that no matter how good the system is, as long as the peoples attitude to nation building is not changed then there is likely no change that will be observed.

Recently I heard a very interesting observation on why corruption has continued to plague our Kenyan society. Mr. Zein Abubakar narrated how in the colonial days, kenyans were encouraged to take advantage of everything by and for government, as this was considered as rightfully theirs but the colnialists were denying them. After independence, there was no change of mindset as the Kenyans continued to plunder whatever was government notwithstanding the fact that the government was now in their hands. It is not amazing that there continues to be little regard for government (read public) resources by a majority of Kenyans.

In considering these matters deeply, I was drawn to sharing by one Rev. David Oginde during a a parliamentarians meeting at Utalli Hotel sometime in 2006. I am convinced that the content of the sharing is truly what will move this country forward. I thus submit, and this will be the focus of this blog that there are three things that every Kenyan needs to embrace. This is as recorded in the Holy Bible in Luke 10:27 He (Jesus) answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.(NIV)'"

A. Righteousness: This has to do with Loving your God with all you are and have. It is amazing how different one's life becomes when all is directed at honouring and revering God. Kenya is in dire need of women and men who love their God and follow his ways in leading this great country.

B. Justice: This has to do with loving your neighbour. Justice means doing everything in manner that produces fairness to everyone around you. it has been said that there are many laws in Kenya but little justice. Those in positions of power have used their opportunities to oppress others. Those who are just need to be encouraged while the unjust must be stopped.

C. Integrity: This is being the person of character. I am convince that this the true measure of a person who loves his/herself. A person whose word is their bond and whose talk and walk agree. In search for justice, truth and reconciliation in Kenya - integrity is a prime value that needs to be upheld. But it goes beyond just doing right but also taking personal responsibility when things goe wrong. We need a nation led and lived by persons of integrity.

Thus, if every Kenyan lives a life of Righteousness, Justice and Integrity (as the operating system of the software), then hardware will deliver results of peace, love and unity.

God Bless Kenya.


  1. So true that we have a problem of the soft ware that we are not adequately addressing as we seek to address the hardware, and since the 'wrong software mindset' is being used to address the systems, then we are not moving forward. Insightful thoughts.


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