Friday, May 7, 2010

The Irony in Kenya

This is dedicated to all those who desire to lead this country. It is from observations on our country. sad ones indeed. Its my prayer that we will work to change this culture of blaming others.
I am worried for you leaders...with all votes comes expectations (read very high expectations) not for something in return but for everything in return. Infact voting in Kenya seems to be the process of choosing the person (s) we intend to blame for our mistakes in the future.
Kenyans expect exemplary leadership from you and nothing else even if they have no idea what exemplary leadership looks like or should look like nor willing to provide. We expect you to define it, live it and they be happy. We will fail and look bad but we expect you never to fail and always be perfect. WEwill make mistakes but expect you to take responsibility. We will call each other names but expect you to apologize on our behalf. WE will fail to take their children to school but blame you for mass illetracy and insecurity. WE will bride and take bribes then blame you for weak enforcement mechanisms.
WE will liter our towns and villages then blame you for filthy environment. WE will cut down trees and grab forests then we will complain to you of unreliable rains. WE will seat by and watch then complain you are doing nothing about our plight. WE will Vote YES or NO without even reading the proposed constitution, then later insist you misled us. WE will vandalise whevever is government property then blame you for poor service delivery.
WE will always demand more from you than we can ever deliver ourselves together and then will blame you for being inefficient and unrelaible . Then finally we will vote you out/or push for your sacking and replace you with the next person we intend to blame for our future mistakes. .... and that is the irony of society.
Kenyans lets end this culture and start taking responsibility for our actions. Lets be the generation that will be remembered as the ACTION GENERATION. Lets educate our children by participating in the schools programmes. Lets clean our towns and plant our forests. Lets plan implement food security programmes. Lets at the community level resolve to live with each other in unity.
In Service to God and My Country.

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