Friday, April 15, 2011

To be......or to do!

Progress on this page is little to be proud of. I have been a man on the move and having settled in the new place, I now resume my writing and with a commitment to make it a weekly piece.

Our country Kenya is at an interesting time . It needs leadership which at best must be sacrificial. Our people have been taken so much for granted and it is clear they cannot take it anymore. But the bigger question is not so much about what needs doing but who will do it? In the proverbial manner, who will bell the cat?

That what needs fixing in all the various realms - political, economic, social, spiritual, cultural, moral - is certainly huge, then we are faced with a big task as a generation.

My contention is that we must not wait to be in positions, before we can make a difference.. So many of us are crippled by the position mentality. We all cannot be president, MP, senator or judge. However we all can act as president in our various places. We can conduct affairs in that countituency or county as though the bark stopped with us. We can make decisions as though we the only judge in the land and all survival depended on us.

We each can do something where we are as we seek more power and influence. It is always dangerous when idle people get power, they used it idly and cause chaos in any society. Let positions of power, if they come our way, find us doing good for all the people in all the places.

We have a chance of a lifetime to return the river on course. Lets change for the good of our people and beloved county.

In Service to God and My Country.

NB: I am currently in Germany for studies in Public Policy and Management. This I am doing to prepare myself to better serve our country.

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