Friday, July 16, 2010

19 Days to go....

With barely 19 days to go to the long awaited 2nd national referendum on the constitution, the campaign tempo is rising with each camp leaving no stone untouched.

Come 4th August we will rise early in the morning to go queu to "bring reforms" or to "reject reforms" as some would make us believe. But will voting YES or NO mean anything to our country or will it just be another expression of our democratic right to vote. Both YES and NO are working to make us believe that transformation of our country lies on their side. YES are arguing that having come this far its just in order that we cross the river wipe the little not-so-good parts and move on. On the other hand, NOs are saying that we must not just cross over when we know we have some parts we can fix. each of us has a choice on which side we need to follow. Important to note is that none of us will go unaffected by whichever side carries the day.

But lets know that society is as good as the individuals in it. There seems like we are keen to have an external solution to our internal problems. We (kenyans) have a heart problem that we must indivdually be willing to have it fixed. No one is responsible for our future but ourselves. So in as much as we fix the car, lets also fix the driver. Poverty wont fade away when we send more money to grassroots until we have healed the corruption at those grassroots. The environment wont improve, unless we address the greed and abuse that we individually cause on the environment.

We each have role to play.

In Service to God and My Country.ARMS

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