Monday, September 24, 2012

Doing and Being in this Election Period

This piece is inspired by a sermon on what Christians should do in an election year in Kenya by Bishop David Oginde. We are already in a period of intensifying politics. This is as the March 2013 general election draws near. There are several efforts towards peaceful and fair elections. One would wish a state where we did not have to think of conflicts and pain during elections. However, the past has not been the best in this regard. The key question is, what then should we do? This question is worth answering. It points that we have an outward obligation to make our society run smoothly even when we have differing opinions. So we need to participate in the elections, preach peace and respect opposing opinions. But while this acts are all in order, there is another side that we rarely give attention to. This is on what we should be individually in such a period and at all times?

I have long held the opinion that our outward actions are a reflection of our inner state. We only advance peace if we are peaceful within ourselves. We are honest and just if this is a virtue we have individually purposed to live by. Hence while there is need to do something, lets choose to be something. To be peaceful. To be honest. To be fair. To be just. To be respectful. To value life. The doing will be more enriched if it is supported by a being. Lets us be what we want to do. The famous saying by Mahtma Gandhi was that we must be the change we want to see. It is one thing not to forward that mail or SMS of hate; It is another to love the person who you want to hate. So as the election period sets in, lets use the time to deeply search our hearts and cultivate individuals who are virtous, God fearing and loving of others. Long after people have forgotten what we did, they will remember what we were.

As we do much to build a peaceful country, let us be much more inwardly. Will we?

In Service to God and Our Country
Abraham Rugo Muriu

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