Monday, June 6, 2011

My presidential Candidate Is!!!!

Names and more names are coming up for the next presidential election in Kenya. This is at times not good as it steals our precious time of nation building. Nonetheless we must not watch without reflecting on what is happening.

So, as you think of the next president for Kenya, please do not look for one who can solve your problems for you will be seriously dissappointed. Instead, look for one who can give you a conducive environment to solve them. Thats the core of personal responsibility which I totally believe in. Look for a facilitator, one who will ensure you have the educational, health, economic, spiritual, cultural and all other necessary support to enable you and those you care for reach their highest potential. Look for one who is doing something, not one who promises to do when she or he is elected. Look for a leader and not a king. Look for a promisekeeper and whether you get one or not, please always keep your promises.

In the meantime, lets build Kenya where we are. Don't wait for tommorrow for nation building has no start and end date as presidential terms. Today is the day to be faithful in the task given to you.
In Service to God and My Country.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Prayer for my Country

'Oh God of all creation,
bless this our land and nation,
justice be our shield and defender,
may we dwell in unity peace and liberty,
plenty be found within our borders.'
- Stanza 1 of our national anthem

How I desire that this will be the country we
will live in and leave for generations behind us.

In Service to God and My Country.

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