Monday, June 6, 2011

My presidential Candidate Is!!!!

Names and more names are coming up for the next presidential election in Kenya. This is at times not good as it steals our precious time of nation building. Nonetheless we must not watch without reflecting on what is happening.

So, as you think of the next president for Kenya, please do not look for one who can solve your problems for you will be seriously dissappointed. Instead, look for one who can give you a conducive environment to solve them. Thats the core of personal responsibility which I totally believe in. Look for a facilitator, one who will ensure you have the educational, health, economic, spiritual, cultural and all other necessary support to enable you and those you care for reach their highest potential. Look for one who is doing something, not one who promises to do when she or he is elected. Look for a leader and not a king. Look for a promisekeeper and whether you get one or not, please always keep your promises.

In the meantime, lets build Kenya where we are. Don't wait for tommorrow for nation building has no start and end date as presidential terms. Today is the day to be faithful in the task given to you.
In Service to God and My Country.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Prayer for my Country

'Oh God of all creation,
bless this our land and nation,
justice be our shield and defender,
may we dwell in unity peace and liberty,
plenty be found within our borders.'
- Stanza 1 of our national anthem

How I desire that this will be the country we
will live in and leave for generations behind us.

In Service to God and My Country.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Reflections on Reforms

There is a pushing wind for reform in most countries of the world. This is particularly the case in developing countries and is often as a result of conditions for aid. most of the reform inititiatives are externally financed and at times driven. Lately there are other drives for not only reforming but actually transforming (the so called total overhaul of systems).

Experts seconded from the funding nations and institutions are to be seen working in government offices alongside the other officers so as to provide technical support. Though at times the actually do the actual day to day work. Kenya is a case in point where reform/transformation officers, desks, departments have put in place in virtually every ministry and government agency.

Whereas the idea of reform/transformation is good, it has concerned me that the approach taken may not always deliver. I hold dear that the process is as good as the end. I also hold dear that true change is one that is from inside out. there is need to think what role and place the officers in the departments that are being reformed should play, particularly because the sustainability of the said reforms actually depends on them. Could their lack of effective participation be the reason why reforms/transformation of systems seems to be taking for ever. But secondly, there is need to pay closer attention to the pioneer/flagbearers of the reforms. Are they persons in a reasonable position to make decisions and enforce them.

Reforms/transformation, need be institutionalised and all inclusive so as to ensure that they are sustained. They also need to focus on change of attitudes and not just creating new offices. The focus should be on the people and with sufficient incentives for change of behaviour.

Finally, reforms need to have a timeline drawn with the participation of all people concerned in the department in question. Whereas a visionary leader is needed at the top, a supportive team is need at the bottom.

In Service to God and My Country.

Friday, April 15, 2011

To be......or to do!

Progress on this page is little to be proud of. I have been a man on the move and having settled in the new place, I now resume my writing and with a commitment to make it a weekly piece.

Our country Kenya is at an interesting time . It needs leadership which at best must be sacrificial. Our people have been taken so much for granted and it is clear they cannot take it anymore. But the bigger question is not so much about what needs doing but who will do it? In the proverbial manner, who will bell the cat?

That what needs fixing in all the various realms - political, economic, social, spiritual, cultural, moral - is certainly huge, then we are faced with a big task as a generation.

My contention is that we must not wait to be in positions, before we can make a difference.. So many of us are crippled by the position mentality. We all cannot be president, MP, senator or judge. However we all can act as president in our various places. We can conduct affairs in that countituency or county as though the bark stopped with us. We can make decisions as though we the only judge in the land and all survival depended on us.

We each can do something where we are as we seek more power and influence. It is always dangerous when idle people get power, they used it idly and cause chaos in any society. Let positions of power, if they come our way, find us doing good for all the people in all the places.

We have a chance of a lifetime to return the river on course. Lets change for the good of our people and beloved county.

In Service to God and My Country.

NB: I am currently in Germany for studies in Public Policy and Management. This I am doing to prepare myself to better serve our country.

Friday, February 25, 2011

My Country....My Responsibility

I am in Nakuru facilitating a training on Public Policy Process in Kenya for the sixth class of the Political Leadership Development Programme. This is a programme meant to nurture the next generation of political leaders who will pioneer change in every field of the country.

But it is the last discussion of the day that has left me in deep thought. I asked the class "Can Kenya develop without help from the foreign capital and technical support?". This is not to suggest that their partnership is not important, but rather without them playing a role as significant as shaping our public policy direction through conditionalities as has been the case.

A sizeable portion of the class was convinced that no progress is possible without donor support. Their reasons ranged from notion that Kenyans lack the capacity to provide high quality service, Kenyans are poor and the economy cannot support such. They could not substantiate this claims and upon further discussions it emerged that its we the Kenyans that have refused to play our rightful role in making our country sovereign.

It was noted that no country has ever been built by foreigners. The Germans have built Germany; Koreans, Korea; Americans, America; and Kenyans must arise and build Kenya. Our country is our responsibility. This is a responsibility we can neither abdicate nor delegate without facing dire consequences. We have all we need, technical capacity, natural resources, brains, hard working people and every admirable resource a country would need. Only we need is a resolve to make it happen. The will to improve services, to have ethical leadership, to honour and respect the rule of law. To treat our sick. To educate our people. To support them to Discover, Develop and Deliver their full potential. It can be done, we must do it. Others have done it why not us.

Friends, I have for long held the view that I am fully responsible for the opportunity I have in making Kenya a better place. Today I affirm that building Kenya is my responsibility and I will not sit back as others toil. Development partners should only join in what we are doing and engage to the extent we allow them. We must fund our own development and only seek assistance when it is a must and necessary to do so. Will you join me in making this resolve?

Lets join hands and build ours that others can live to enjoy the fruits of our labour. If it is to be, then it is up to us.

In Service to God and My Country.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Vent, Invent.

I heard of the words "Don't vent, invent" that are title to a series taking place at a nairobi church. This words got me thinking that indeed there are only two kinds of people. Those who just complain about the problems around them and those who take a step to seek a solution. The later may noty always succeed but at least they tried. Where they fail, they come out with a lesson of what cannot work or at least how not to do it.

Our country kenya is in dire need of wo/men who will provide practical solutions and ensure that they are followed through. I hold the view that only Kenyans can build Kenya for prosperity. Partners can only support but not do it for us. We cannot continue to be a nation that begs for help in all ways - health, food security, constitition implementation, roads construction, conflict resolution, disaster management- and much more.

Sovereignty is responsibility and not just benefiting. It is working to produce revenue and not just sharing the revenue produced by others. It is paying the price and not just carrying the prize. It is being being the change, facilitating the change and supporting the change in all spheres of the country. It is rising up every morning with a firm agenda to make our part of Kenya better than we found it. It is taking personal responsibility.

What is currently in need of your invention today. Get up and fix it for only you can do it as well. My friend Alice Oyaro reminds us that Our Best is Good Enough. Remember the words of Thomas Edison "Invention is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration (work)". Lament and complain no more, rise and fix it up. If it is to be then it is up to you/me.

In Service to God and My Country.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Does it Matter?

From time to time we find ourselves in situations that scream, beckon or silently seek our attention. You meet a person whose life is on the streets begging for ten bob, a hurting neighbour seeking an ear to listen, a battered child seeking for shelter and the list goes on. Sometimes its a dirt thrown on the road, a neighbours dog stuck in the fence or some clothes blown by the wind and your timely action may just save the situation. What about a blind person asking for help to cross the road, a old person seeking help in accessing the ATM machine and the list is endless.

However, In a fast paced world we find ourselves caring only about three people namely: ME, MYSELF and I. Some have called it the UNHOLY Trinity. We are so consumed in ourselves that we even never notice that others need our help. But does it ever cross our minds that the world is as good as we each make it. I have a responsibility of making the people around me to be happier, so do you. I once read that people do no care how much you know until they know how much you care. Lets all make it our responsibility to make our part of the world better than we found it.

Today close your eyes to the ME, MYSELF and I, and open to see what your neighbour needs help with.
Let what matters to others, matter to you for that is all that matters in this world.

In Service to God and My Country.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wajibu Wangu

I have been reflecting on what should be my rallying call for engaging in building my country and am convinced that it has to be Wajibu Wangu (my responsibility). This is informed by the fact that in our society there is a tendancy to expect someone else to fix things on our behalf, to labour as we enjoy the fruits and to pay the price while we enjoy the prize. Why not make it your responsibility to make things work.
I make a resolve and urge you to join me in making national building our personal responsibility (wajibu wetu). This is pretty easy as it means I do my part and you do you part. I bring my peace and you bring yours. Each of us is significant and a valuable asset in this country. I resolve to treat everyone as the most important person in this country.
Our national anthem reminds us through the words "Natujenge Taifa letu, ee ndio wajibu wetu". Indeed it is our responsibility to build our country. Others have destroyed it, but I must make it better.
Will You?
In Service to God and My Country.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I think its great to be alive in 2011?

This is a year of great significance to many and particularly myself. In this year I will mark 30 years of being around and I hope to have something to show for it. I am forever grateful that I am Kenyan for I have the rare opportunity to fix all that may have gone wrong before. This is the challenge that faces all my peers in our country.

All I am thinking is what my contribution will be. Will I make an impact worth talking about and recording? What will I be remembered for?

I commit to Love God, Others and Myself with all I am. This I think is the epicentre of life.

This I will do in Service to God and My Country.


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