Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wajibu Wangu

I have been reflecting on what should be my rallying call for engaging in building my country and am convinced that it has to be Wajibu Wangu (my responsibility). This is informed by the fact that in our society there is a tendancy to expect someone else to fix things on our behalf, to labour as we enjoy the fruits and to pay the price while we enjoy the prize. Why not make it your responsibility to make things work.
I make a resolve and urge you to join me in making national building our personal responsibility (wajibu wetu). This is pretty easy as it means I do my part and you do you part. I bring my peace and you bring yours. Each of us is significant and a valuable asset in this country. I resolve to treat everyone as the most important person in this country.
Our national anthem reminds us through the words "Natujenge Taifa letu, ee ndio wajibu wetu". Indeed it is our responsibility to build our country. Others have destroyed it, but I must make it better.
Will You?
In Service to God and My Country.

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