Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making the Kenya we want...

It is a fact that we (Kenyans and friends of Kenya) want our beloved country to succeeded. The motivation and desire for such success may be driven by different factors and towards different ends and that may explain the differing opinions we have with each other. But one thing is for sure, we all want a working system. We want equiped schools and hospitals, gainful employment for all people, food on the table and equal opportunities for every Kenyan regardless of where they come from. We do not just want big and new systems, we want systems that deliver what we expect and that we can reliably plan with. So what must we do?

We have a new constitution whose letter and spirit promnise a new republic where all can reach their highest potential, where all are equal before the law and where nothing but merit can get you going up. So why all the conflict in agreeing how to proceed? why the delays in enacting laws? Why the plans to moderate or even change the provisions of the constitution?

Could it be that our real challenge is the one inside? A desire that justice is only justice when its done to me. That good leadership is only possible when one of our own (ethnic or other grouping) is given the position. That resources are equitably shared when I and my people get the 'lions' share. That county governments have been created for 'our' people and others should go to their counties. What is our attitude to national and local development. Could it be that we are called upon to change our own attitudes before we make demands on the country. 

Lets consider our position on this soft matters for I am convinced that will affect greatly how we move forward.

In Service to God and our Country.


  1. I join you in this noble course bro..The destiny of this country belongs to proactive minds free from tribal mindset and vitriol/venom. Sadly, we have continued to leave this responsibility to individual who by far and entirely lack good leadership and management skills banking exclusively on the depth of their pocket from immoral sources.

    Edward Aput

  2. Together! Let's us stand to be counted....time is over when some few people sit and make political decision for us.Negative ethnicity has no place in Kenya, unfortunately even the most educated, the young and the most religious are already poisoned! It's no longer what the tribe says but what the nation is saying!

    Kariuki Apollo


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